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  • Palestine Securities Exchange Trading Cancelled Wednesday January 23, 2002

    Date 23/01/2002

    The Palestine Securities Exchange has issued the following in a press release earlier today: "In accordance with the mourning for the Palestinians martyrs who were murdered yesterday by the Israeli army, the Palestine Securities Exchange has canceled the trading session for today Wednesday January 23, 2002."

  • OM Financial Statement For Year-end 2001

    Date 23/01/2002

    Highlights Revenue for the year totalled SEK 3,072 m (3,152) Net income after financial items at SEK -469 m (743) Earnings per share for the year were SEK -0.30 (8.61) Fourth quarter income after financial items totalled SEK 144 m (174) Strong growth rate continues in Division Technology SEK 481 m in non-recurring expenses Jiway restructuring complete

  • NYSE Openbook<sup>tm</sup> To Go Live Tomorrow - A Look At NYSE Book's Buy And Sell Orders Now Available Off The Floor

    Date 23/01/2002

    The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is set to launch NYSE OpenBook, a revolutionary new market-information product that broadens customer access to depth-of-market data. With its debut tomorrow, Jan. 24, NYSE OpenBook for the first time offers off-floor market participants a view of the disclosed buy and sell interest in all NYSE-traded securities beyond the best bid and offer. It is also the newest addition to the suite of Network NYSE products and services.

  • Ljubljana Stock Exchange Monthly Statistical Report December 2001

    Date 23/01/2002

    Turnover In December 2001 the total turnover on all market segments of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange was SIT 46.59 billion and reached the highest monthly value of the year. A record value was reached also by the total turnover of this year since it exceeded the record turnover of the year 2000 by almost 30%. In 2001 the total turnover on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange amounted to SIT 348.64 billion, which was SIT 79 billion more than in the year 2000.

  • Kuwait Stock Exchange Trading Report For December 2001

    Date 23/01/2002

    The index of the Kuwait Stock Exchange reached 1,709.4 points at the end of December, an increase of 52.7 points from the closing value at the end November. The weighted index reached 131.60 points at the end of December, an increase of 4.64 points from the closing value at the end of November.

  • Korea Futures Exchange: Listing Of Options On KTB Futures On May 10

    Date 23/01/2002

    KOFEX has decided to list options on Korea Treasury Bond(KTB) futures on May 10, 2002. Investors will be able to trade it from May.

  • Korea Futures Exchange: Inauguration Of The 3rd Chairman And CEO

    Date 23/01/2002

    The former president of Kosdaq Stock Market Inc.,Kang Jung-ho was chosen as the third chairman & CEO of the Korea Futures Exchange in a General Meetings held on January 18 and officially inaugurated on January 21.

  • Kerstin Hessius New Member Of OM's Executive Management

    Date 23/01/2002

    Kerstin Hessius has today been appointed to OM's Executive Management team and will re-port directly to OM's CEO Per E. Larsson.

  • HKEx: Ying Kit Stock Company

    Date 23/01/2002

    Ying Kit Stock Company (Ying Kit) defaulted in its payment obligation to Hong Kong Securities Clearing Company Limited (HKSCC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx), today (23 January). This constitutes a default under Rule 3701 of General Rules of CCASS. Pursuant to Rule 3702, Ying Kit has been declared a defaulter by HKSCC. Subsequent to the HKSCC declaration on Ying Kit, pursuant to Rule 725 of Rules of the Exchange, Ying Kit is not allowed to trade

  • The Kosdaq Stock Market Tightens Listing Requirements

    Date 22/01/2002

    The Kosdaq Committee is tightening listing requirements to keep out shaky start-ups. However, firms in the biotechnology and environmental industries will face fewer listing limits in accordance with measures to cultivate such companies. The new measures, "2002 Kosdaq Market Operational Guidelines," were announced Monday, January 21, by the committee.