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  • Thailand’s Settrade Launches Latest Online Trading Program “Streaming”

    Date 01/09/2014 Co., Ltd. has recently launched the fifth version of Streaming, the real-time trading program for Thai stock and derivatives trading. It enables online investors to personalize their own screens via a “Customized Screen” function and has a new technical graph “Settrade Technical Chart” as well as offering an easier and faster trading function “Click”. This new online trading program reinforces its position as Thailand’s leading Internet trading system provider.

  • ASIC: Goldman Sachs Australia Pty Ltd Pays $35,000 Infringement Notice Penalty

    Date 01/09/2014

    Goldman Sachs Australia Pty Ltd (Goldman Sachs) has paid a penalty of $35,000 to comply with an infringement notice given to it by the Markets Disciplinary Panel (MDP). The penalty was for failing to prevent the entry into the ASX Trading Platform of an erroneous Order which resulted in a market for AP Eagers Limited ordinary shares not being both fair and orderly.

  • Shanghai Futures Exchange: Notification On Market Risk Control During The Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

    Date 01/09/2014

    The Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 is approaching. According to the market closing announcement issued by the Exchange, the futures market will be closed from September 6 ~ 8. Due to recent complicated and volatile global economic and financial situation and many factors affecting the market operation, all members are required to properly conduct the risk prevetion work, duly increase margin requirement based on investors’ position and risk profile, strengthen the management over withdrawal and deposit of investor’s funds, remind investors of the importance of prudent operation and rational investment, and do a good job in technical system maintenance and network safety during the Mid-Autumn Festival, so as to ensure smooth market operation.

  • Korea Exchange: Implementation Of After-Hour Market Reshuffling And Volatility Interruption

    Date 01/09/2014

    The Korea Exchange (KRX) decided to implement "after-hour market reshuffling and volatility interruption (VI)" with effect from September 1 since related regulations and enforcement rules on the KOSPI and KOSDAQ markets that are required for implementation were amended on June 18 and June 24, respectively, and IT developments needed for implementation had been completed. 

  • Shanghai Futures Exchange: Notification On Schedule For Continuous Trading Hours During The Mid-Autumn Festival 2014

    Date 01/09/2014

    According to the relevant rules on continuous trading, the Exchange further clarified the detailed schedule for continuous trading hours during the Mid-Autumn Festival as follows:
    There are no continuous trading hours on the night of September 5.

  • Tokyo Commodity Exchange: Final Settlement Price Of Crude Oil For August 2014 Contract

    Date 01/09/2014

    Final settlement price of Middle East Crude Oil for August 2014 contract is 66,020 yen.

  • HKEx Completes First Round Of Market Rehearsal For Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

    Date 31/08/2014

    Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEx) announced today (Sunday) that the first round of market rehearsal (MR1) for Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect has been completed smoothly and all the planned scenarios in the rehearsal were covered.

  • Cairo Amman Bank Weekly Economic Monitor, August 31, 2014

    Date 31/08/2014

    Click here to download the latest Cairo Amman Bank Weekly Economic Monitor.

  • HKEx Update On Legal Proceedings - Regarding Alleged Anti-Competitive And Monopolistic Behaviour In Connection With LME Aluminium Warehousing

    Date 31/08/2014

    As disclosed in the announcements on 4 and 7 August 2013 as well as on 14 March and 13  May 2014  (collectively,  the  “Announcements”),  Hong  Kong  Exchanges and Clearing Limited (“HKEx” or “Company”), along with its subsidiaries, The London Metal Exchange (“LME”) and LME Holdings Limited (“LMEH”), were named as co-defendants in class action lawsuits filed in the United States (“US”) regarding alleged anti-competitive and monopolistic behaviour in connection with aluminium warehousing.

  • Egypt's Minister Of Awqaf Holds A Meeting With Egyptian Exchange Chairman To Educate Preachers About Stock Market Mechanisms

    Date 31/08/2014

    In the context of the strategy for communicating with different community actors to publicize the role of the capital market to support economic development plans, Dr. Mohamed Gomaa Minister and Mr. Salah al-Junaidi, head of the Waqf met with Dr. Mohammad Omran, Chairman of EGX. The meeting focused on ways to strengthen cooperation between the Ministry and EGX.  They discussed the capital market role in assisting the Ministry of Awqaf in the management and development of the portfolio investment Department-owned Egyptian Awqaf authority.  In addition to the leading role to be played by the Ministry of Awqaf in the awareness of the importance of capital market and its role in the economy.