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  • Xetra/Börse Frankfurt - IPO: elumeo SE In Prime Standard

    Date 03/07/2015

    elumeo SE (ISIN: DE000A11Q059) has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 3 July. A total of 1.725 million shares were placed in the IPO. The total issue volume, including greenshoe was approximately €43 million. The initial listing price was €25.00 the issue price was €25.00.

  • BSE: Revision Of Scrips In Trade To Trade Segment

    Date 03/07/2015

    This has reference to the procedure laid down under Exchange Notice No. 20140625-44 dated June 25, 2014, for moving in / out of trade to trade. The Stock Exchange with a view to take preventive surveillance measure to ensure market safety and safeguard the interest of the investors, based on the rules prescribed in the aforementioned Notice has decided to take the following Surveillance actions:

    1.    The scrips mentioned in Annexure I will be transferred to "T" Group/will continue to remain in "T" Group and they would be traded and settled on Trade to Trade basis effective from July 07, 2015. The category applicable to the scrip for transfer to/continuation in “T” Group from the detailed criteria available on the website as stated above is mentioned alongside the scrip. Trading Members are requested to take adequate precaution while trading in above scrips, as the settlement will be done on trade-to-trade basis and no netting off positions will be allowed.

  • Malawi Stock Exchange Second Quarter Market Performance Report 2015

    Date 03/07/2015

    Click here to download Malawi Stock Exchange's second quarter market performance report 2015.

  • NZX June 2015 Shareholder Metrics

    Date 03/07/2015

    Please find attached Shareholder Metrics for June 2015.

  • ASX Group Monthly Activity Report – June 2015

    Date 03/07/2015

    The value of ASX-listed stocks, as measured by the All Ordinaries Index, fell 5.6% in June 2015. Declines were also observed in other major markets, including the UK down 6.6%, Hong Kong down 4.3%, Germany down 4.1%, Singapore down 2.2%, the US down 2.1% and Japan down 1.6%.

  • SGX: 10 More ETFs Available To All Investors

    Date 03/07/2015

    Ten more Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) have been converted to Excluded Investment Products (EIP) status, increasing the total number of EIP ETFs listed on SGX to 19 and providing retail investors with more choices, without them having to be pre-qualified.

  • ASX Compliance Monthly Activity Report – June 2015

    Date 03/07/2015

    New listings for the month were 1st Available Ltd (1ST), Adairs Limited (ADH), AusNet Services Limited (AST), AirXpanders, Inc (AXP), BauMart Holdings Limited (BMH), Flexiroam Limited (FRX), GARDA Diversified Property Fund (GDF), Gateway Lifestyle Operations Limited (GTY), QMS Media Limited (QMS), Residential Parks No.2 Trust (GTY), Shriro Holdings Limited (SHM) and Superloop Limited (SLC).

  • Japan's Financial Services Agency Publishes Annual Report 2014

    Date 03/07/2015

    The Financial Services Agency (FSA) has published its first English annual report. This report (Annual Report 2014) covers key issues related to the financial administration in Japan during the calendar year 2014 while Chpaters I through III are partly updated reflecting the changes until June 24, 2015. The aim of this report is to share the development of the regulatory environment of financial and capital markets in Japan and to promote interactive communication with all those involved with financial services.

  • ASIC: Update On Interactive Brokers

    Date 03/07/2015

    ASIC today provided an update on its regulation of US-based online brokerage firm Interactive Brokers LLC (IB).

  • IMF - Greece: Preliminary Draft Debt Sustainability Analysis

    Date 02/07/2015

    Summary: At the last review in May 2014, Greece’s public debt was assessed to be getting back on a path toward sustainability, though it remained highly vulnerable to shocks. By late summer 2014, with interest rates having declined further, it appeared that no further debt relief would have been needed under the November 2012 framework, if the program were to have been implemented as agreed. But significant changes in policies since then—not least, lower primary surpluses and a weak reform effort that will weigh on growth and privatization—are leading to substantial new financing needs. Coming on top of the very high existing debt, these new financing needs render the debt dynamics unsustainable. This conclusion holds whether one examines the stock of debt under the November 2012 framework or switches the focus to debt servicing or gross financing needs. To ensure that debt is sustainable with high probability, Greek policies will need to come back on track but also, at a minimum, the maturities of existing European loans will need to be extended significantly while new European financing to meet financing needs over the coming years will need to be provided on similar concessional terms. But if the package of reforms under consideration is weakened further—in particular, through a further lowering of primary surplus targets and even weaker structural reforms—haircuts on debt will become necessary.