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  • Tehran Stock Exchange Attends 16th Invest Finance Exhibition, 17 - 18 April 2015 In Stuttgart, Germany

    Date 18/04/2015

    TSE has joined Iran Mercantile Exchange and Aspian Invest, the German advisory company, in Iran Capital Markets booth to network with the visitors and market participants from around the world. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) also interviewed with TSE's authorities at the event to provide investment opportunities and requirements at the Iranian market and TSE to its widespread audience.

  • Oslo Børs Release 8.6 North Sea – GO!

    Date 18/04/2015

    Oslo Børs is pleased to confirm our decision to Go Live with Millennium Exchange Release 8.6 North Sea for the Equities- and Fixed income markets on Oslo Børs, Oslo Axess, Nordic ABM and the Burgundy markets as of start of trading Monday 20 April 2015.

  • Millennium Release 8.6 North Sea – Connectivity Test To Start And Links To Go-Live Log And GO-Live Connectivity Confirmation Form

    Date 18/04/2015

    Today's connectivity test is now ready to start.

    We have received feedback that some participants are unable to open the links to the Go-lice Connectivity Confirmation form in the previous Delta notification.

  • Oslo Børs: Millennium Release 8.6 North Sea – Welcome To GO-Live Weekend Activities

    Date 18/04/2015

    Today, Saturday April 18, Oslo Børs facilitates an optional connectivity test for members, ISVs and vendors in connection with the implementation of the Millennium Release 8.6 North Sea in Oslo Børs' production environment. Today the formal decision on the planned production environment implementation to take place on April 20 will be taken.

  • Remarks By US Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew At IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings

    Date 18/04/2015

    Good afternoon.  Let me begin by thanking our hosts at the IMF and the World Bank, as well as all of you for joining us today.

    Over the past two days, my discussions with ministers and governors have centered around a key theme: global growth.  Fueling growth to create jobs and raise living standards is at the top of the global community’s economic agenda.

  • Transcript Of The G24 Press Briefing

    Date 17/04/2015


    Marilou Uy, Director, G-24 Secretariat
    Alain Bifani,
     Director-General, Ministry of Finance, Lebanon
    Andres Escobar,
     Vice Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Colombia
    Randa Elnagar,
     Communications Officer, IMF Communications Department

    Ms. Elnagar - Hello, everyone. Welcome to the IMF and World Bank 2015 Spring Meetings and the G24 Press Briefing. I am Randa Elnagar from the IMF Communications Department. Let me remind you that we have French and Spanish interpretation in the room.

  • BATS 1000 Index Falls 1% For Week

    Date 17/04/2015

    BATS Global Markets (BATS), a leading operator of exchanges and services for financial markets globally, reports the BATS 1000® Index (Ticker: BATSK) fell 235.45 points, or 1%, to close the week at 23,103.11.

  • Euro Area Economic Outlook, The ECB’s Monetary Policy And Current Policy Challenges - Statement By Mario Draghi, President Of The ECB, Prepared For The Thirty-First Meeting Of The International Monetary And Financial Committee, Washington DC, 17 April 2015

    Date 17/04/2015

    The economic situation and the short-term outlook for the euro area are currently brighter than they have been for several years. Various factors are helping to boost confidence that the weak and uneven recovery experienced up to now will gain strength and breadth. The ECB has pursued its price stability mandate with determination so that inflation will return to a level below, but close to, 2% over the medium term. A strengthened financial sector, an accommodative macroeconomic policy setting, sound fiscal policies and a determination by euro area governments to pursue structural reforms should allow the euro area to embark on a sustainable growth path in a context of price stability.

  • CalPERS Calls BP Shareowner Victory A "Game Changer"

    Date 17/04/2015

    Anne Stausboll, Chief Executive Officer for the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) issued the following statement today after 98 percent of BP shareowners voted for a resolution to require the company to disclose the risks it faces from climate change:

    "The overwhelming shareowner support for this resolution is a game changer in our quest for stronger reporting on climate change risks and opportunities. It sends a strong signal to the financial markets that the time has come to make climate change reporting the new normal, and it raises the bar for all companies to pay close attention to the risks and opportunities related to climate change. The support is also an example of the progress that can come from thoughtful engagement between shareowners and the companies in which they invest in. We look forward to working with our fellow shareowners to ensure the resolution is implemented, and we applaud BP for its management support of this important issue."

  • Statement Of US Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew For The International Monetary And Financial Committee (IMFC) Meeting

    Date 17/04/2015

    These meetings provide an important opportunity to take stock of the global economy and our efforts — both individually and collectively — to achieve strong, sustainable, and balanced growth.  While the U.S. economy continues to show strength, global activity is still falling short and becoming increasingly uneven.  Policy makers in advanced and emerging economies alike must redouble efforts to boost domestic demand so we can realize our economic potential.  Surplus countries in particular are best positioned to do so.