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  • LME Takes Steps To Broaden Access To Electronic Trading

    Date 26/05/2015

    • Proposal to extend LMEselect access to category 3 and 4 members
    • Increased flexibility to application criteria for LME members
    • Introduction of pre-trade risk management system on LMEselect
    • Implementation of rulebook provisions relating to incentive schemes

  • FTSE Starts Transition To Include China A Shares In Global Benchmarks

    Date 26/05/2015

    • FTSE announces transition to include China A Shares in global indexes
    • Two new transitional emerging markets indexes launched
    • Approximately 5% initial A Shares weighting in the FTSE Emerging inclusion indexes, rising to 32% when China A Shares become fully available to international investors

  • Euronext Announces Third Pan-European Days In New York And Boston

    Date 26/05/2015

    Euronext, the primary exchange in the Eurozone, today announced its third pan-European days in the United States aimed at raising the profile of its European listed companies among US investors.  It will be attended by nearly 60 large issuers from across all the Euronext countries[1], representing above  €400 billion ($445 billion) in market capitalisation, and more than 350 US investors, over four days from 1- 4 June. The event, which previously took place only in New York, has been extended to cover Boston this year for the first time.

  • The Fence And The Pendulum - Speech Given By Martin Taylor, External Member Of The Financial Policy Committee, Bank Of England - Based On Remarks Given At The International Association Of Credit Portfolio Managers Conference, London, Friday 22 May 2015

    Date 26/05/2015

    It is both a pleasure and a privilege to talk to you this morning. These are strange times in the world of credit, and you must all have strong nerves to be in the business of managing it. When I was first involved in finance, an unquestioned credit was defined as a borrower who would undoubtedly pay you back all that you had lent to them. Recently it has come to mean a borrower who will undoubtedly pay you back a little less than you lent. As a sub-investment grade speaker I shall try to give statistically-adjusted value today.

  • LCH.Clearnet Launches Buy-Side Clearing Of FX Derivatives In Europe

    Date 26/05/2015

    • European offering expands on ForexClear’s US client clearing model
    • Four banks signed up as clearing brokers
    • Variety of account structures provide end users with increased protection and asset segregation

  • Bank Of England: Contractual Stays In Financial Contracts Governed By Third-Country Law – CP19/15

    Date 26/05/2015


    A key aspect of effective resolution is ensuring that, once a firm enters resolution, its counterparties in derivatives and other financial contracts (such as repo/reverse repo, securities lending and other similar transactions subject to contractual set-off and netting arrangements) cannot terminate and ‘close out’ their positions solely as a result of the firm’s (or a related entity’s) entry into resolution.

  • Newly Launched STOXX International Exposure Indices Licensed To Source

    Date 26/05/2015

    STOXX Limited, a leading provider of innovative, tradable and global index concepts, today announced the launch of the STOXX International Exposure Indices. The new indices provide exposure to companies that generate a substantial portion of their revenue outside their home region, allowing market participants to express views on those companies that are well positioned to profit from currency depreciation and higher growth in non-domestic markets. The EURO STOXX International Exposure and STOXX Japan International Exposure indices have been licensed to Source, one of Europe’s largest issuers of ETFs, and the initial fund launches are expected in June 2015.

  • Warsaw Capital Market Summit 2015 to be held on 18 June - Warsaw Gathers Global Investors For The Fifth Time

    Date 26/05/2015

    Warsaw Capital Market Summit 2015 is an international conference devoted to capital markets in Poland, and Central and Eastern Europe. This year’s fifth edition will bring together investors, issuers, financial institutions and public administration representatives, as well as financial media from around the world and will take place in Warsaw at the Stock Exchange Centre.

  • The UK Financial Conduct Authority Has Today Published Decision Notices In Respect Of Three Former Members Of Keydata’s Senior Management: Stewart Ford, Mark Owen And Peter Johnson

    Date 26/05/2015

    The FCA has today published Decision Notices in respect of three former members of Keydata’s senior management: Stewart Ford (former chief executive), Mark Owen (former sales director) and Peter Johnson (former compliance officer).

  • ABN AMRO Clearing Clears EURO STOXX 50® Variance Futures On Eurex

    Date 26/05/2015

    As of Wednesday, May 27th, ABN AMRO Clearing will offer clearing services for the EURO STOXX 50® Variance Futures on Eurex. This future on the EURO STOXX 50® Index volatility is the onexchange complement to OTC variance swaps. These innovative contracts replicate the payoff profile of OTC variance swaps. The new contract offers exposure to the difference between implied versus realized volatility. It allows users to expand their equity portfolio hedging strategies. This hedging can now take place in a centralised order book, which gives greater price transparency.