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  • Support For Baltic Exchange Membership Rule Changes

    Date 17/01/2002

    Changes in the rules governing membership of the Baltic Exchange and revised subscription rates were approved by shareholding members of the world's leading maritime market at an Extraordinary General Meeting at the Exchange today (Thursday).

  • Public Statement By SEC Chairman: Regulation Of The Accounting Profession By Chairman Harvey L. Pitt

    Date 17/01/2002

    U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission SEC Headquarters, Washington, D.C. Over the last decade or so, this Country's vaunted system of disclosure, financial reporting, corporate governance and accounting practices has shown serious signs of failing to keep up with the needs of today's investors, our economy, and new technology that makes rapid communications not only possible but essential. The latest example - a most tragic and unprecedented one - is the failure of Enron.

  • Program Trading Averaged 25.6 Percent Of NYSE Volume During Jan. 7-Jan. 11, 2002

    Date 17/01/2002

    The New York Stock Exchange today released its weekly program-trading data submitted by its member firms. The report includes trading in all markets as reported to the NYSE for Jan. 7-Jan. 11, 2002.

  • OM Acquires Sweden's Most Advanced Data Center

    Date 17/01/2002

    OM has acquired the operations and staff of Hostmark, the Swedish subsidiary of WorldPort Incorporated. Hostmark's operations consist of operating and hosting business critical systems from a data center outside Stockholm. The data center will be integrated with OM's newly formed business area for facility management - Global Services - handling facility management and hosting of systems for companies within financial and energy markets. The investment is already expected to have a positive impa

  • HEX Into Cooperation With IS Innovative Software AG

    Date 17/01/2002

    HEX Plc and German IS Innovative Software AG have signed a cooperation agreement for offering market information services in the Nordic and the Baltic area. The agreement includes marketing, implementing and hosting of market information services within the marketing area. HEX Global Market Information Service is based on technology developed by IS Innovative Software AG.

  • CME Contract Specifications Changes: Nonfat Dry Milk

    Date 17/01/2002

    The CME Contract Specifications pages on the CME's Web site have been updated to reflect the following:

  • CME Announces Swap Rate Futures Contracts

    Date 17/01/2002

    The Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. (CME) Board of Directors this week approved the introduction of 10-year, five-year and two-year swap rate futures contracts. The contracts are expected to be listed for trading within the first quarter of 2002 and will be traded on CME's GLOBEX® electronic trading platform virtually around the clock.

  • Changes In S&P/TOPIX 150

    Date 17/01/2002

    Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and Standard & Poor' s (S&P) will make the following changes in S&P/TOPIX 150. Mitsui Trust Holdings added to S&P/TOPIX 150 TSE and S&P will replace Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking (8408) in the S&P/TOPIX 150 Index with Mitsui Trust Holdings (8309) after the close of trading on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2002.

  • Baltic Exchange Publishes Updated Code Of Practice

    Date 17/01/2002

    Publication of the latest edition of its professional Code is announced today (17 January) by the Baltic Exchange, the world's leading shipping market. The Code provides guidance for its shipbroking members in the conduct of their business in the self-regulated, international Baltic market.

  • The Korea Futures Exchange Weekly Bulletin Jan. 7 To Jan. 11, 2002

    Date 16/01/2002

    The KOSDAQ cash market inched down amid brisk program transactions in the Korea Stock Exchange as the last trading day for the current month contract of the KOSPI200 options was near.