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  • Interim Results For The London Stock Exchange For The Half Year To 30 September 1999 (Unaudited)

    Date 29/11/1999

    The London Stock Exchange's interim results, published today, show a 32 per cent increase in profits for the first half of the financial year. The results come ahead of the Exchange's forthcoming plan to demutualise. Highlights of the results for the six months April - September 1999 are: Profit before tax up 32 per cent (£20.1 million to £26.5 million); Surplus after tax transferred to reserves up 34 per cent (£13.9 million to £18.6 million).

  • E-Mini Nasdaq 100 Futures Set Open Interest Records

    Date 29/11/1999

    Open interest in E-mini Nasdaq 100 Index® futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) reached 6,862 at the close of trading on Friday, the fifth consecutive day of open interest records as Nasdaq index levels soared to new highs.

  • Card Guard Scientific Survival Limited Opens 20% Above Offering price

    Date 29/11/1999

    The shares of Card Guard Scientific Survival Limited, a telemedicine company, were traded today for the first time on the SWX New Market. The offering price was set Sunday evening at CHF 25.00. The opening price in SWX dealings stood 20% above that level at CHF 29.95, representing a total market capitalisation for the company of CHF 266 Mio.

  • Botswana Stock Exchange Market Commentary

    Date 28/11/1999

    It was a good week of activity as all but two counters traded on the BSE. The market went up 0.7% helped by two blue chips.

  • The Stock Exchange Of Hong Kong Clarifies Position On Early Disposal Of Management Shares In GEM Companies

    Date 27/11/1999

    Under the GEM Listing Rules, the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong has the discretion to waive the restrictions on initial management shareholders disposing of their shares in GEM companies.

  • The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Arranges International Investment Conference for GEM

    Date 27/11/1999

    The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Technology Centre Corporation have jointly organised the International Investment Conference for GEM to be held on Monday, November 29, 1999. The conference will focus on GEM's business prospects, the opportunities it provides and how it will help Hong Kong to develop into a financial hub for high-growth and hi-tech companies.

  • OM Treasury Acquires Näringslivskredit NLK

    Date 26/11/1999

    OM Treasury, together with Catella Holding and others, has acquired Näringslivskredit NLK AB (NLK) from the Fourth AP-fund, Volvo and Wasa. The acquisition also includes all NLK's outstanding debt from a loan consortium consisting of banks and insurance companies.

  • OM Technology Acquires ABN AMRO Software

    Date 26/11/1999

    OM Technology has acquired ABN AMRO Software AB, with 35 employees and an annual turnover of over SEK 32 m. The consideration amounts to MSEK 15.

  • Listing And Trading Of Non-Resident Companies' Shares In Singapore Dollars

    Date 26/11/1999

    Following the latest changes to MAS Notice 757 announced by MAS earlier today, non-resident companies can now issue shares to raise S$ subject to conversion of the proceeds to foreign currency for use outside Singapore. In addition, non-resident companies whose shares currently are traded in foreign currencies can convert the quotation of their stocks to S$.

  • Cross-Membership Between The SWX Swiss Exchange And Parisbourse SBF SA

    Date 26/11/1999

    The first substantive steps have been taken within the framework of the partnership agreement concluded in January 1999 between the SWX Swiss Exchange and ParisBourse SBF SA. This development was made possible by reciprocal recognition of SWX and the ParisBourse SBF SA by the respective supervisory authorities.