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White Papers

  • Risk & Regulation - Summer 2014 (3498kb pdf)

    Welcome to the Summer Risk & Regulation Report. And what a summer it has been! Every day, or so it seems, there is another   manipulation scandal in the headlines. The usual story of manipulation in the cash equity, commodity and derivatives markets has been swept from the front pages by stories of manipulation of key benchmarks and the foreign exchange markets. As the chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland said recently, an investigation into alleged manipulation of foreign exchange markets could pose a bigger problem for banks than the Libor interest rate rigging scandal. Even the august Bank of England has been dragged into the controversy over allegations of price fixing in the US$5.3-trillion-a-day foreign exchange markets after it emerged that a group of traders had told the BoE that they were exchanging information about their clients’ positions. With the  UK Financial Conduct  Authority now   investigating   another   regulator,   the Bank of England, the question to be asked is “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes” (“Who watches the watchmen”)? Another question which could well be asked is, do the “watchmen” have the resources for market surveillance in the 21st century? Click on the link to download the report.

  • Mondo Visione's How To Build An Exchange (3392kb pdf)

    Exchanges are venues where investors wishing to buy a financial instrument find investors wishing to sell. The exchange brings together a buyer or seller to effect a trade. Central, to an exchange is the trading system on which trades are executed.

  • CMCRC Market Quality Dashboard (557kb pdf)

    The Market Quality Dashboard is designed to allow market participants to quantify the economic impact of market design changes on market quality. Market quality is defined by reference to the near universal mandate of regulators, which seeks to ensure that markets are fair and efficient. It therefore follows that, if one intends to change the design of a market place, and get this signed-off by regulators, those changes are evaluated in terms of how they impact fairness and efficiency.