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White Papers

  • Testing for T2S with Allied Testing (168kb pdf)

    TARGET2-Securities (T2S) is a new post-trade, delivery-versus-payment settlement system for Europe developed by the European Central Bank (ECB). Settlement using T2S will be less expensive and more flexible than national settlement systems. The ECB’s T2S program includes new settlement logic, new communications protocols, new regulatory requirements and the centralised system service in which European-wide settlements will occur.  Allied Testing is a quality assurance (QA) and testing company with special focus on financial systems and capital markets. We have testing staff with the required knowledge and understanding of T2S who will use our T2S-specific libraries and in-house tools to test readiness and compliance for T2S settlement. Working with Allied Testing will reduce the time spent on testing, the cost of the testing, and ensure that systems work as required.

  • Mondo Visione's How To Build An Exchange (3392kb pdf)

    Exchanges are venues where investors wishing to buy a financial instrument find investors wishing to sell. The exchange brings together a buyer or seller to effect a trade. Central, to an exchange is the trading system on which trades are executed.

  • CMCRC Market Quality Dashboard (557kb pdf)

    The Market Quality Dashboard is designed to allow market participants to quantify the economic impact of market design changes on market quality. Market quality is defined by reference to the near universal mandate of regulators, which seeks to ensure that markets are fair and efficient. It therefore follows that, if one intends to change the design of a market place, and get this signed-off by regulators, those changes are evaluated in terms of how they impact fairness and efficiency.