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UBS MTF Trading Notice - Rulebook And User Guide Updates

Date 17/02/2017

UBS MTF would like to take this opportunity to inform you of changes it is making to the UBS MTF Rulebook and User Guide.

Rulebook Changes: Hours of Operation

In accordance with Rule 4.2 of the UBS MTF Rulebook, we are issuing this Trading Notice to inform you of a non-material change to our existing Rulebook. The change relates to section 6.2(a) which concerns the UBS MTF hours of operation: specifically the change provides that UBS MTF Management may close UBS MTF even if one or more primary markets are open.  This is to cater for situations where, for example, only one or a small number of primary markets are open on a particular day.  Members will of course be informed in advance in such cases.

A mark-up of the Rulebook highlighting the change is attached with this Trading Notice and also published on our website under

The changes to the Rulebook will be effective from 1st March 2017.

User Guide updates.

We would like to inform our Members that a new User Guide has been published on the UBS MTF website. The changes reflect the addition of the Large in Scale waiver and Order Book Sweep functionality. A copy of the User Guide is also attached to this Trading Notice.

UBS MTF Notices and documentation are available at

If you have any queries regarding this notice please contact the UBS MTF Supervisors at +44 20 7568 2052 or