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SET Grants Two Social Development Awards To Support Rural Development

Date 09/04/2019

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) jointly with Population and Community Development Association (PDA), has recently announced the annual SET social development award in rural development category to community groups with outstanding works in renewable energy promotion and sustainable water management to enhance well-being of people in communities.

SET Senior Executive Vice President Krisada Sektrakul said that the SET Foundation, together with seven social development organizations, during the past 12 years SET has granted awards to 100 individuals and organizations that have embraced, enhanced and inspired the society. This year the award in rural development category recognized the remarkable works of two groups. One is Raum Jai Tham Roi Poh Network - Baan Pah Deng, Phetchaburi province in the southern part of Thailand that has turned problems into opportunities by creating renewable energy from solar power and biogas, while making its success story as a learning center for community power group, represented by network leader Kosol Saengthong. The other is the Baan Kokploung Water Management Network, Buriram province in the northeastern part, for exceptional management of water supply which has become a national model for water management, represented by group leader Saman Lothong. SET truly believes that the awards will encourage more people to do more good things for the society.

PDA Chairman Mechai Viravaidya has expressed his admiration to the SET Foundation for the determination to identify individuals and groups, who have done good deeds for the society in various areas, then recognize them as role models for the society. The first one, Raum Jai Tham Roi Poh Network- Baan Pah Deng, has been created by villagers in remote area lacking access to public utility, being admired for their initiative to make use of technology to produce solar and biogas power to generate electricity. The other one is the Baan Kokploung Water Management Network, being recognized for their cooperation with its surrounding communities to tackle the drought problem. This water management model has been further developed into a prototype for the country’s water management which has been applied to the area of over 170,000 rai, benefiting 2,200 households.

SET’s social development awards aims to encourage organizations and individuals who dedicate their efforts to enhance the society, categorized into seven areas: music encouragement, sports promotion, urban development, rural development, preventing and solving drug problems in the community and society, library development and education development.

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