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Dalian Commodity Exchange To Hold 2018 Annual General Assembly On November 23

Date 09/11/2018

According to relevant provisions of the “Futures Trading Management Rules”, Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) will hold the 2018 Annual General Assembly via communication on November 23, 2018. To prepare for the 2018 Annual General Assembly and well arrange the work in 2019, members of the DCE Party Committee have held a member representatives forum in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and Beijing respectively to have a face-to-face communication with 157 member representatives.

At the forum, DCE briefed the preparation for the 2018 Annual General Assembly and introduced the recent development and the future plan. DCE believed that it is and will be encountered with the following two major contradictions: from the outside, it is the contradiction between the great demand on the derivatives market by the development of the Chinese entity economy and the national strategic layout and the severe insufficiency of the service modes, means and capacity of the futures market; from the inside, it is the contradiction between the working thought, traditions and modes of DCE and the development trend and internationalization demand of a diversified and open derivatives market. DCE will, together with all member units, open a new trail of fully building the world’s first-class derivatives market and strive to build itself into a global commodity pricing center and risk management center.

At the forum, member representatives offered their opinions and suggestions on the innovation of instruments and products, international development, business operation, risk prevention and control, technical system construction and market cultivation of the futures market. They hoped that DCE will accelerate the pace of launching corn options and hog futures, facilitate the internationalization of more mature products, intensify the over-the-counter market construction, keep improving the “insurance + futures” operation mechanism, and lead the industry information technology construction.

DCE responded to these opinions and suggestions at the forum. DCE Chairman and  Secretary of DCE Party Committee Li Zhengqiang said that DCE will sort out these opinions and suggestions and make a special research on them, strengthen implementation and supervision, and earnestly manage the improvement work. The diversified and opened gate of DCE has just been opened, achieving a qualitative breakthrough from zero to 1, while the breakthrough from 1 to N needs an accumulation of quantity. And DCE will accelerate the steady growth from 1 to N in commodity options and opening-up.