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SET To launch “SETTHSI Index” And “SETCLMV Index” On July 2

Date 15/06/2018

The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) today announced the upcoming launch of the two new indices named “SET THSI Index (SETTHSI)” consisting of stocks, highly perform on environmental, social and governance (ESG) perspective; and “SET CLMV Exposure Index (SETCLMV)” which comprises of Thai stocks, generating revenues from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam (CLMV), allows investors to get benefit from these growing economies.

SET Senior Executive Vice President Rinjai Chakornpipat said “the launching of these two new indices will support investors to get benefit from the CLMV economies and sustainable stocks. The new indices are also designed to help investors used as a benchmark for investment decision and support the financial institutions to launch financial products such as Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) and mutual fund.”

SETTHSI, an extension of the current annual Thailand Sustainability Investment list, offers stocks with prominence on ESG aspects, and calculates from the listed companies, included in the latest THSI list. While, SETCLMV comprises stocks selected from Thai-listed companies, generating at least 10 percent of annual revenues from CLMV countries or at least THB 100 million annually (USD 3.1 million approximately).

Both indices’ criteria also based on the size and liquidity qualifications: the market cap of selected stocks must not be lower than THB 5 billion with at least 20 percent of free-float, including with the traded status, indicated by the turnover ratio, have to meet the requirements.

The stocks which qualified with these conditions will be included in the calculation of both indices. The final list of indices will be revealed on June 18 and officially launched on July 2.

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