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TradingScreen Shareholders Association Formed; RICO Action Announced - USD 200m Damages Compensation Demanded

Date 14/06/2018

The TradingScreen majority shareholders announced today the formation of "TSA", TradingScreen Shareholders Association, an organization created to pursue the defense of all shareholders’ interests against the current management and Technology Crossover Ventures.

The TSA supports the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (“RICO”) Action 17-cv-07993 against the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), TradingScreen, Technology Crossover Ventures (“TCV”), TradingScreen board members Pierre Schroeder and Giampiero Grandi, law firm Morgan Lewis, TradingScreen’s corporate lawyer Bruce Rosenthal, and the Arbitrators (collectively, the “Respondents”).  
The support of the RICO Action is the first step from the TSA to protect the shareholders’ interests against the Respondents, who have exhibited dishonesty, unethical behaviour and clear conflicts of interest either when working for the Company or by issuing an iniquitous verdict against the shareholders’ interests.  The TSA has evidence to prove a lack of transparency of the arbitration process, the non-declaration of business relationships, the manipulation of evidence and the outright corruption and racketeering that has taken place to arrive at this verdict.  
The RICO Action pursues damages compensation of USD 200 Million against the Respondents.
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