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Tehran Stock Exchange Reports On Performance Of Brokerage Firms

Date 29/08/2015

According to statistics, more than 34% of the whole electronic trades were done in 5 brokerage firms.

In the year started 21 March 2015, out of 104 active brokers in Tehran Stock Exchange, 97 provided online trading services.

Based on this report, more than 34% of whole electronic deals were performed in only 5 brokerage firms. The top 5 ones are Mofid with 23.76%, Keshavarzi Bank with 2.96%, Agah with 2.77%, Mobin Sarmayeh with 2.34%, Iran Melli Bank with 2.26%, accordingly.

Moreover, considering the whole amount of transactions, more than IRR 72000 billion were traded via electronic mechanism, which accounts for 24.08 % of the total amount of trades.

According to the cited report, the value of whole trades in 104 active brokerage firms of Tehran Stock Exchange during the first five months of the year was equal to IRR 303 billion.

The value of trading block and retail accounts for 87 % of the whole value of trades. Furthermore, 12 % the total value of deals pertains to value of wholesale trading.

The report stipulates that in the first five months of the current Iranian year, 5 brokerage firms made up 27/6% of the total amount of trades. The top 5 brokerage firms are as the following respectively: Khobregan Saham 8.63%, Mofid 6.81%, Saba Tamin 5.97% ,Behgozin 3.41% and Pasargad Bank 2.94%.