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Shenzhen Stock Exchange Industry Top Index Launched

Date 25/09/2012

Shenzhen Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Securities Information Co., Ltd. announced that the SZSE Industry Top Index (Code: 399653, Abbreviation: SZSE Industry Top) was launched on September 25 2012, taking June 30 2010 as the base date and 1000 points as the base value. 

Industry Top Enterprises refer to representative enterprises that grasp substantial market share and high profitability in the industry. Generally speaking, they are leading players in respect of scale, technology and corporate profitability, and have certain influence and demonstrative effect on industry peers. Thematic investment in industry top enterprises has been prevailing for years in domestic and overseas markets. Its significant advantages have been proven by practical experiences. 

Referring to the 28 sub-sectors in the CNINFO Industry Classification, sampling of the SZSE Industry Top Index takes the four indicators of operating income, net profit, trading volume and floating market value into overall consideration, it sorts out top enterprises in respect of industry representativeness, profitability and secondary market liquidity. According to statistics, the SZSE Industry Top Index has made cumulative return of 11.40% since the base period till the first half of 2012, outperforming CNINFO A-share Index by 12.90% while the latter has made cumulative return of -1.50% during the corresponding period. 

During the period of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, economic reform takes structural adjustment and industrial upgrade as the mainline; meanwhile the country is greatly supporting enterprises with comparative advantages to become the leading players in the industry. Industry top enterprises benefit best from such preferential policies. 

Regarding the details of the index, please refer to the official website of Shenzhen Stock Exchange ( and CNINFO Index (