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SEC Launches Nationwide Search To Hire Agency’s First-Ever “Advocate For Small Business Capital Formation” - Chairman Jay Clayton, Commissioner Kara M. Stein, Commissioner Michael S. Piwowar

Date 13/09/2017

We are pleased to announce the launch of a nationwide search for candidates for a new senior executive position at the SEC, the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation.  The Advocate will be a powerful voice for small businesses and small business investors, providing assistance, conducting outreach to better understand their concerns and recommending improvements to the regulatory environment. 

The Advocate will be appointed and report to the SEC Chairman and Commissioners and will be responsible for establishing and overseeing a new SEC office – the Office of the Advocate for Small Business Capital Formation – with the mission of advocating for the interests of small businesses and small business investors.

How to apply

Interested individuals should review the detailed information in the vacancy announcement, which is available here.  To be considered for the Advocate position, an applicant should please submit the following to Kristin Andrews at

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