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ROFEX Finished May With A Historic Record In Dollar Futures And Options - May Ended With A Dollar Futures Operation Record

Date 03/06/2019

This month, the dollar futures and options have registered their greatest activity level, consolidating themselves in their segment 17 years after their creation in May 2002.

ROFEX finished May with a historic record in dollar futures and options, with a total of 26,696,817 contracts, equivalent to almost 27 billion traded dollars. These figures result in a volume rise of 24.7%, in comparison with the last historic record, registered in March 2019, when over 21 million contracts were traded. Meanwhile, the rise was of 28% in comparison with May last year, when there were over 20 million contracts.

“The active participation of companies and private investors, such as local and international banks, agro-exporting firms, institutional investors and international funds, as well as individuals, constitute the great driving forces of this increase in the volume of operations with the American currency”, asserts María Inés Gutiérrez, the next MATBA ROFEX Operations Manager.

This month, the ROFEX dollar futures contract has become 17 years old, growing uninterruptedly and strengthening itself as a financial asset and a hedging tool of international category, comparable to the main derivatives over the world currencies. It is worth mentioning that it has taken the seventh position in the 2018 Currency Ranking of the Futures Industry Association (FIA), an organism gathering the main world’s markets.