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Republic Of Cyprus: Statements By The Minister Of Finance, Mr Michalis Sarris

Date 23/03/2013

The Minister of Finance, Mr Michalis Sarris, made today the following statement to foreign Media, at the Ministry of Finance, where the Cypriot authorities had a meeting with the Troika. 

After the first part of the meeting, which will continue in the afternoon, Mr Sarris said: “We had a first meeting this morning with the Troika on the basis of a paper that we had prepared outlining in some details a comprehensive proposal on our side. The majority of the issues on that paper did not call for any further work, but there were two-three issues – allow me not to go to any detail – that called for greater codification, greater analysis so that all parties can be absolutely sure that we understand the same thing. 

These are things that have not really been done before, these are new experiences for everybody, we have a number of experts that are working from the private sector, from the Central Bank at the Ministry of Finance, trying to iron out these details so that when we do reach an agreement there will be no room for different understandings or misrepresentations.”