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Raffaele Jerusalmi And Ciro Pietroluongo Appointed As Deputy Chairman And CEO Of MTS SpA

Date 08/09/2008

MTS is pleased to announce that the Board of Directors, chaired by Luigi Spaventa, has appointed Raffaele Jerusalmi as Deputy Chairman and Ciro Pietroluongo as Chief Executive Officer of MTS S.p.A.

The appointment of Ciro Pietroluongo to lead MTS will provide institutional and strategic continuity after changes to the governance, from a two-tier system to a new Board of Directors.

The Shareholders appointed the new Board of Directors on June 19, 2008. The members of the Board, which has been elected for a three-year term, are:

  1. Luigi SPAVENTA (Chairman)
  2. Raffaele JERUSALMI (Deputy Chairman)
  3. Ciro PIETROLUONGO (Chief Executive Officer)
  4. Gianpaolo ALESSANDRO
  5. Luca BAGATO
  6. Stefano BELLANI
  7. Massimo CAPUANO
  8. Stefano DEL PUNTA
  9. Giovanni MAZZOCCHI
  10. Michelle NEAL
  11. Pietro POLETTO
  12. Mario QUARTI
  13. Jean-Pierre SOTO
  15. Stephen WOLFF

The members of the Board of Internal Statutory Auditor are:

  1. Roberto RUOZI (Chairman)
  2. Andrea CALAMANTI
  3. Giuseppe LEVI