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OneChicago Fee Changes Effective Date February 1, 2019

Date 11/01/2019

Please see the below changes to the OneChicago Product Fees.

Discontinued Fees

  • Elimination of the Reduced Carry Fee and its related Special Account Registration Program.
  • Elimination of the Delivery Fee.
  • Elimination of the Execution Fee for all trades matching on the Delta1 Central Limit Order Book (CLOB).

Updated Fees

  • All positions are now subject to the Carry Fee at the new fee rate of $0.70/Million per day.
Fee Current Fee Rate New Fee Rate
Reduced Carry Fee $0.70/Million (0.00007%) $0
Carry Fee $1.40/Million (0.00014%) $0.70/Million (0.00007%)
Delivery Fee $5.00/Million (0.0005%) $0
Execution Fee $5.00/Million (0.0005%)

CLOB or STARS Front Leg


All other transactions

$5.00/Million (0.0005%)