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Dalian Commodity Exchange Deals With 38 Abnormal Transactions In October

Date 09/11/2018

To earnestly fulfill the front-line regulation responsibility, regulate futures transactions, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of futures market participants, Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE) has continued to strictly crack down on all kinds of violations.

In October 2018, DCE cracked down on 38 cases of abnormal transactions, of which 18 were self-transactions exceeding position limits and 20 were frequently placing and cancelling orders. DCE reminded these clients through members by telephone and restricted the position-opening business of one of these clients or related accounts under common control for one month.

Meanwhile, DCE handled 11 violation clues, including 6 cases of transferring funds through matched orders, 4 cases of self-transaction or agreed transactions affecting prices of contracts and 1 case of violating trading limits. Relevant clients have been imposed on corresponding regulatory measures.