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  • Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) To Provide Last-traded Share prices And Company Announcements Free of Royalties On WWW.ASX.COM.AU

    Date 02/02/2000

    The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) began providing last-traded share prices and company announcements free of royalties from Monday, 31 January 2000. This will provide all existing or potential shareholders with free, intra-day access to news and price data that influences the market.

  • Singapore Exchange Ltd Recognises Effective Capital's Proposal

    Date 01/02/2000

    The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) met with Singapore Exchange Ltd (SGX) on January 31 in Kuala Lumpur to discuss the Central Limit Order Book International (CLOB) issue.

  • Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading Sets Records For Its MSCI Taiwan And Singapore Stock Contracts

    Date 01/02/2000

    The Singapore Exchange Derivatives Trading is pleased to announce that its MSCI Taiwan Index volume has hit an all time monthly high of 243,041 contracts traded in January 2000. This is an increase of 28.90% as compared to 188,555 contracts traded in January 1999. The contract has also achieved a record daily high of 28,247 contracts traded on 26 January 2000 surpassing the previous record of 25,824 contracts traded on 25 June 1999. Open interest on the MSCI Taiwan contract also peak at 34,349 c

  • Nymex To Move Propane Trading; Change Hours

    Date 01/02/2000

    The New York Mercantile Exchange today announced that as of Wednesday, March 1, it will move trading in its propane futures contract to its platinum group metals ring and change the contract's trading hours to 8:30 A.M. to 2:40 P.M. from the current hours of 8:55 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

  • New Regulatory Authority For Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

    Date 01/02/2000

    Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE) is pleased to announce the transfer of its regulatory authority from the Canadian Grain Commission (CGC), a federal government agency, to the provincial Manitoba Securities Commission (MSC), effective February 1, 2000. This historic occasion brings to a close twenty-five years of regulatory supervision of the Exchange by the CGC.

  • KLSE Statement Misrepresents Singapore Exchange (SGX) Position

    Date 01/02/2000

    The Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange ("KLSE") issued a statement on 31 January 2000 with regard to the meeting with SGX yesterday. The statement was titled "SGX recognises Effective Capital's proposal". This is an incomplete and misleading account of SGX's position.

  • KCBT Posts Volume Increases Over Last Year, Last Month

    Date 01/02/2000

    The first month of 2000 showed healthy increases in overall exchange volume traded at the Kansas City Board of Trade. The exchange posted a 46.2 percent increase when compared to December 1999 and a 15.9 percent increase when compared to last January.

  • GLOBEX®2 Volume Soars More Than 94 Percent

    Date 01/02/2000

    Trading volume on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange rose nearly 17 percent in January over year-ago levels to reach more than 18 million contracts. Trading in equity index products soared to a new all-time monthly record, with nearly 4.5 million contracts changing hands. Electronically traded volume on the CME's GLOBEX2 system rose more than 94 percent to 2,085,250 contracts. Trading volume in all CME product groups-agricultural, interest rate, and equity indexes-rose versus year-ago levels.

  • Central Bank Of Iceland Weekly Repo Auction, 1.Feb.

    Date 01/02/2000

    The Central Bank of Iceland held a weekly auction of repurchase agreements on February 1 of the standard maturity of 14 days. The auction was a fixed rate one at 9.8 per cent p.a. Offers were made for a total amount of 22.9 billion krónur resulting in repurchase contracts for that amount.

  • Amendments to the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Listing Rules

    Date 01/02/2000

    The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong wishes to announce the introduction of new provisions into the Exchange Listing Rules in connection with the publication on the Exchange's website of listing-related information on companies and amendments to the Chapter 6, Rule 2B.07(6) and Rule 2A.39 of the Exchange Listing Rules. The rule changes will come into effect on February 1, 2000.