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  • Botswana Stock Exchange Market Commentary

    Date 10/06/2002

    A more active trading week in a market that moved sideways.

  • Trading At The Palestine Securities Exchange To Resume On Monday June 10

    Date 09/06/2002

    Trading at the Palestine Securities Exchange will be resumed on Monday June 10th, 2002 . Trading sessions were suspended last week due to the curfew and siege that were imposed on Nablus and other Palestinian towns.

  • Winnipeg Commodity Exchange May 2002 Futures And Options Witness More Traditional Trading Levels

    Date 07/06/2002

    Overall, futures trade declined roughly 37.9% to 147,766 contracts for the month of May 2002 compared to the same month one year ago. With the Exchange For Physicals (EFPs) included, May 2002 futures trading volume totaled 161,614 contracts.

  • The Korea Futures Exchange Weekly Bulletin May 27 To May 31 2002-06-07

    Date 07/06/2002

    Following the previous week's upward trend, the KTB futures market exhibited its ongoing strength over the week. Both in the KOFEX and the local USD/KRW F/X market, the KRW continued to show its extraordinary strength against the USD.

  • The FTSE Japan Index - A Better Tracker For Japan

    Date 07/06/2002

    The FTSE Japan Index provides investors with a real-time benchmark to reflect the performance of the Japanese market. Unlike the Nikkei 255 and TOPIX, the FTSE Japan Index, as part of the FTSE All-World Index Series, is free float adjusted, liquidity tested and managed by an independent committee to provide the most transparent and predictable view of the market. The index is classified by industry and sector according to the globally recognised FTSE Global Classifi

  • Stock Options To All OM's Employees

    Date 07/06/2002

    The Board of Directors of OM AB has decided to introduce a new world wide employee stock option scheme that will be available to all of the group with its wholly-owned subsidiaries, approximately 1,600 people in all.

  • Oslo Børs: Successful Transition To Saxess

    Date 07/06/2002

    After two weeks in operation, it can be asserted that Oslo Børs' transition to a new trading system has been successful. After lenghty preparations, the exchange started using Saxess, the common trading system for the nordic exchange alliance, on May 27.

  • Nymex Sets Record For Nymex Division Seat Sale

    Date 07/06/2002

    A seat on the NYMEX Division of the New York Mercantile Exchange, Inc. sold today for a record $1,050,000, exceeding the $1 million sale on May 16, 2002.

  • NYBOT's SPCI Contract Sets New Open Interest Record - SPCI Also Sets New Record In Underlying Value

    Date 07/06/2002

    The New York Board of Trade (NYBOT®) announced yesterday that its Standard & Poor's Commodity Index (SPCI) futures contract market set a new daily open interest record of 1,332 contracts on May 21, 2002. Additionally, a new month-end record in the underlying value of the SPCI futures open interest was also established on May 31, 2002, of $121,864,176.

  • Nasdaq Liffe Markets Comments On The Proposed Section 31 Fees

    Date 07/06/2002

    The letter sent today by Nasdaq Liffe Markets to the SEC commenting on the proposed Section 31 fees can be accessed by clicking here.