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9-Month Snapshot Of Tehran Stock Exchange

Date 28/12/2016

At the end of Q3 current Iranian Year (started 20 March 2016), Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE)’s total index closed at 80.123,around 30 percent more than the figure a year earlier. All of the Exchange’s indices closed at double-digit growth end of quarter, comparing the same period last year, including Free Float Index (32%) and 30 Largest Bluechip Index (28%).

TSE’s Total Market capitalization reached IRR 2,661,492 billion on 20 December 2016 (end of third quarter) which includes a roughly 27 percent return than the same date’s market value.

The Market’s average P/E ratio raised more than 33 % in the last year and equaled 7.51 on 20 December 2016. TSE recovered its turnover velocity during last year around 40 percent to 11.6 %.

Both value and volume of trading at Tehran Stock Exchange gained in the last 12-month, ending 20 December 2016.

Total trading value at the Exchange during three initial quarters of the Iranian year exceeded IRR 395.694 billion, 75 percent more than its preceding year’s same period. The market’s total trading volume also increased by 54 percent and amounted to 179.620 million traded shares in the interval.

The Exchange’s aggregate initial 9 months trading value and volume in the debt market soared considerably. The figures uplifted 158% and 157% respectively since 20 March to 20 December 2016 than one year earlier. Totally 71 million bonds traded at TSE at the value of IRR 71.332 billion until the end of Q3 current Iranian year.

During the same period, the listed companies’ were funded by more than IRR 139.110 billion capital increase, 38 % through rights issuing and 32 % by bonus shares.

On average, individual’s quota in TSE’s turnover was 60 % versus 40 % by the international investors.

During the past 9 months TSE’s dividend payout ratio was 80 % in the above period with the average IRR 325 per share for the listed equities.