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2005 TSX Venture 50 Announced

Date 06/12/2005

TSX Venture Exchange announced the TSX Venture 50(TM), the first ever ranking of Canada’s top emerging public companies. The TSX Venture 50 are the top 10 companies in each of five major industry sectors – Mining, Oil & Gas, Technology, Life Sciences and Diversified Industries – based on a ranking formula with equal weighting given to one-year revenue (last reported 12 months), return on investment, market cap growth and trading volume. All data was as of August 31, 2005.

The top companies in the five industry sectors were:

CV Technologies Inc. (CVQ) – Life Sciences
Laramide Resources Ltd. (LAM) – Mining
Capitol Energy Resources Ltd. (CPX) – Oil & Gas
Raymor Industries Inc. (RAR) – Diversified Industries
Icron Technologies Corporation (IT) – Technology

CV Technologies Inc. (CVQ) of Alberta also emerged as the top company overall.

50% of the 2005 TSX Venture 50 went public via TSX Venture’s unique Capital Pool Company® Program, and four of the 50 have graduated to Toronto Stock Exchange since the compilation of the ranking (August 31, 2005).

“We are very proud to launch the TSX Venture 50 to celebrate the achievement of our issuers,” said Linda Hohol, President, TSX Venture Exchange. “The impressive list of companies demonstrates that TSX Venture Exchange is a unique incubator for public companies, and the companies in the TSX Venture 50 are proof that this market is working.”

The 2005 TSX Venture 50 companies are:

CV Technologies Inc. (CVQ) Top Company – Life Sciences
Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd. (IDL) Life Sciences (since graduated to Toronto Stock Exchange)
Pyng Medical Corp. (PYT) Life Sciences
MedMira Inc. (MIR) Life Sciences
Prism Medical Ltd. (PM) Life Sciences
Miraculins Inc. (MOM) Life Sciences
ARIUS Research Inc. (ARI) Life Sciences
Protox Therapeutics Inc. (PRX) Life Sciences
DTI Dental Technologies Inc. (DTI) Life Sciences
Burcon NutraScience Corp. (BU) Life Sciences

Laramide Resources Ltd. (LAM) Top Company - Mining
North American Tungsten Corporation Ltd. (NTC) Mining
Augusta Resource Corporation (ARS) Mining
Messina Minerals Inc. (MMI) Mining
Pine Valley Mining Corporation (PVM) Mining
Primary Metals Inc. (PMI) Mining
Western Prospector Group Ltd. (WNP) Mining
Bear Creek Mining Corporation (BCM) Mining
Birch Mountain Resources Ltd. (BMD) Mining
Skygold Ventures Ltd. (SKV) Mining

Capitol Energy Resources Ltd. (CPX) Top Company - Oil & Gas
Bankers Petroleum Ltd. (BNK) Oil & Gas (since graduated to Toronto Stock Exchange)
Storm Cat Energy Corporation (SME) Oil & Gas
Technicoil Corporation (TEC) Oil & Gas (since graduated to Toronto Stock Exchange)
Valkyries Petroleum Corp. (VPC) Oil & Gas
Calvalley Petroleum Inc. (CVI.A) Oil & Gas (since graduated to Toronto Stock Exchange)
Choice Resources Corp. (CZE) Oil & Gas
HSE Integrated Ltd. (HSL) Oil & Gas
Mart Resources Inc. (MMT) Oil & Gas
Leader Energy Services Ltd. (LEE) Oil & Gas

Raymor Industries Inc. (RAR) Top Company – Diversified Industries
Coastal Contacts Inc. (COA) Diversified Industries
Hyduke Energy Services Inc. (HYD) Diversified Industries
Automated Benefits Corp. (AUT) Diversified Industries
MTY Food Group Inc. (MTY) Diversified Industries
IROC Systems Corp. (ISC) Diversified Industries
Divestco Inc. (DVT) Diversified Industries
Imaflex Inc. (IFX.A) Diversified Industries
Grey Horse Capital Corporation (GHC) Diversified Industries
Planet Organic Health Corp. (POH) Diversified Industries

Icron Technologies Corporation (IT) Top Company - Technology
Absolute Software Corp. (ABT) Technology
QuStream Corporation (QVC) Technology
Sylogist Ltd. (SYZ) Technology
Metamedia Capital Corp. (MME) Technology
BlueGrouse Seismic Solutions Ltd. (BGH) Technology
PharmEng International Inc. (PII) Technology
Kangaroo Media Inc. (KTV) Technology
Advent Wireless Inc. (AWI) Technology
The Medipattern Corporation (MKI) Technology

The 2005 TSX Venture 50TM was compiled based on public historical data and is not an invitation to purchase securities listed on Toronto Stock Exchange and/or TSX Venture Exchange. TSX Group Inc. and its affiliates do not endorse or recommend any securities referenced in this ranking. Neither TSX Group Inc. nor its affiliated companies represent, warrant or guarantee the accuracy or the completeness of the information. You should not rely on the information contained in this news release for any trading, business or financial purposes. TSX Group Inc. and its affiliates assume no liability for any errors or inaccuracies in this news release or any use or reliance upon this information.