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Global Deep Dive On Indexing & ETFs roadshow in 11 cities in Asia from March 9 – 23, 2015

Global Deep Dive On Indexing & ETFs roadshow in 11 cities in Asia from March 9 – 23, 2015
Events will take place from 10AM until 12:40 followed by lunch in the following cities across Asia. Register at:

Investment professionals are invited to attend the Global Deep Dive on Indexing & ETFs roadshow in 11 cities in Asia from March 9 – 23, 2015.  
Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management has partnered with Bloomberg, Ernst & Young, ETFGI, Morningstar and MSCI to present a series of Indexing and ETF seminars across Asia. This follows two successful roadshows in the Middle East and Latin America in 2014 that generated strong engagement and positive feedback with more than 500 investors. 
Representatives from the above mentioned firms will outline what you need to know about ETFs, including “Smart Beta”, liquidity and implementation in your portfolios in 2015 and beyond.
The seminars are open to investment professionals that work at sovereign wealth funds, family offices, asset managers, insurance companies, private banks and distributors. CFA educational credits will be awarded to those that attend the event. 
The events are free for investment professionals to attend but you must register as places are limited. Register at:

Events will take place from 10AM until 12:40 followed by lunch in the following cities across Asia.
Tokyo                March 09, 2015        
Seoul                 March 10, 2015        
Beijing               March 11, 2015        
Shanghai            March 12, 2015        
Taipei                March 13, 2015
Hong Kong         March 16, 2015
Manila                March 17, 2015
Bangkok             March 18, 2015
Kuala Lumpur     March 19, 2015
Singapore           March 20, 2015
Sydney               March 23, 2015
The seminars are being supported by:

ASIFMA - Asia Securities Industry & Financial Markets Association -
CAIA - Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association
CFA Institute 
Some background on the institutional users of ETFs and the ETF industry:
Over 3,500 institutional investors in 52 countries reported using at least one ETF or ETP in 2013 according to ETFGI’s Institutional Users of ETFs and ETPs in 2013 report. Many institutional investors use ETFs for short-term applications such as equitizing cash, transition management or as a liquidity sleeve in a fund, they are also used for tactical purposes to adjust to changing political, economic (think reading the QE tapering tea leaves) and even weather concerns and increasingly as strategic tools where they are held as a core holding, provide access to emerging or frontier markets and used to build multi-asset class products. 
The majority of investors reported using ETFs for equity exposure while just over half use them for exposure to fixed income and commodities. Over half of the investors reported an increase in their holdings in the past year while just under a third reported a decline in their holdings with the remainder staying at the same level.  The array of ETFs being used has grown from more than half of the institutions reporting using less 5 ETFs five years ago to just over a third of the institutions reporting holding 20 or more ETFs in 2013.  
The Global ETF/ETP industry had 5,581 ETFs/ETPs, with 10,771 listings, a record level of US$2.79 trillion in assets, from 239 providers listed on 62 exchanges around the world at the end of 2014, according to ETFGI’s end December 2014 Global ETF and ETP industry insights report. 
Sample agenda:
10:00   Registration (25 mins)
10:25   Opening Remarks (5 mins)
10:30   Deutsche AWM – Implementation (15 mins)
10:45   ETFGI – Index Exposure and ETFs (15 mins)
11:00   MSCI – Evolution of Indexes (15 mins)
11:15   Morningstar – How to Choose the Right ETF* (15 mins)
11:30   Coffee Break (10 mins)
11:40   Ernst & Young – Fund Wrappers and Taxation (15 mins)
11:55   Bloomberg – Liquidity and Usage of ETFs – Market Makers Panel Discussion** (40 mins)
12:35 Closing Remarks (5 mins)
12:40   Networking Lunch

* No Morningstar session in Manila and Kuala Lumpur.
** Panel participated by Deutsche Bank, Flowtraders, Jane Street, Macquarie, Morgan Stanley and UBS is subject to change based on locations.
Note: Except where specified, the above program applies to all locations. Simultaneous interpretation services will be arranged in Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, and Shanghai.