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  • Pakistan Mercantile Exchange

    NCEL's current shareholders are: National Bank of Pakistan Zarai Taraqiati Bank Pak Kuwait Investment Company Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad Stock Exchanges NCEL is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). It has 301 members.

  • Panama Stock Exchange

    The board of directors of the Exchange has nine principal members and nine alternates, all drawn from the private sector, allowing for a broad base of representation. The Exchange has a Vice-President, General Manager, a Deputy General Manager and two divisional managers in charge of oper... see more

  • PFTS Stock Exchange

    Decision-making at the PFTS Stock Exchange occurs at General Meetings of PFTS members. The Board of Directors and the PFTS Council (15 members), an elective and joint body of the PFTS Stock Exchange, govern the PFTS between the General Meetings. All policies and new rules must gain Counci... see more

  • Philippine Stock Exchange

    The Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc is a stock corporation governed by a Board of Directors composed of 15 individuals elected by the stockholders at their annual meeting. As provided under the Securities Regulation Code (SRC), at least 51% or eight of the members of the Board are non-brok... see more

  • Prague Energy Exchange

    The PXE is owned by the Prague Stock Exchange. The highest supervisory body of the Prague Energy Exchange is the Exchange Chamber: The Exchange Chamber comprises: President and CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange Vice-President Member of the Legislative Council of the Czech Gover... see more

  • Prague Stock Exchange

    The PSE is a joint stock company. The supreme body of the Exchange is the general meeting of shareholders. Its most important powers include decision-making on an increase or reduction in the registered capital value, on membership of the Exchange Chamber and supervisory board, and other... see more

  • Pune Stock Exchange

    The Exchange is registered as a public liability company, limited by guarantee under the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

  • Pure Trading

    Pure Trading is one of two marketplaces operated by CNSX Markets Inc., the first recognised stock exchange to commence operations in Canada in more than 80 years.